Chapter 5

Chapter 5: End of life


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Chapter 2, Starting well and the early years, focuses on South Australians’ start of life and the foundations on which South Australians' health is built. Chapter 5 focuses on the other end of the spectrum, death.

The start South Australians have in life, their lifestyle choices and socioeconomic factors across the lifespan have an impact on the final years of life. Understanding patterns and trends in mortality is an important step in identifying areas for further analysis and potential opportunities to improve population health.

Chapter 5 starts with an overview of various death measures by different factors, including sex, region and Aboriginal status. It then looks at perinatal deaths and infant mortality rates, both important elements directly impacted by the health status of pregnant women and indirectly by social, economic and environmental conditions.

The chapter concludes with an overview of the leading causes of death by age group, providing important information about conditions which may require further analysis or public health intervention. This includes death from intentional self-harm (suicide), a cause of death which has an immense impact on families and communities.


Chapter 5 table of contents

5-0. Summary

5-1. Death rate

5-2. Age at death

5-3. Perinatal deaths

5-4. Infant mortality

5-5. Leading causes of death