Measuring and reporting on institutional racism

About this project

In January 2019, the Health Performance Council delivered the final report of our post-implementation review of Country Health SA’s Aboriginal Community Consumer Engagement Strategy. Included in the report’s advice to the minister was to “Identify and, as necessary, tackle any systemic racism and the actual or perceived tendency of staff to the disregard of Aboriginal issues”. Similar suggestions also arose out of other Council work in the 2015–2018 period, as reported in our 4-yearly report.

In mid-2019, we therefore started to work with Dr Chris Bourke, an Indigenous researcher and co-collaborator on previous research around health system institutional related work in Queensland, to deliver us with a prototype tool for measuring institutional racism in the South Australian health system. This first phase of the work was complete in August 2019 – a prototype customised South Australian institutional racism measuring and monitoring tool, now available for download (below).

We are now preparing to embark on substantial further phases of this project to validate and refine our prototype tool through a series of focussed workshops, followed by a process of assessing and reporting on a baseline level of instiututional racism in each of the South Australian Local Health Networks. We will update this webpage as the project continues.

Phase 1: prototype development

Working with our contract partner (Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association) and our stakeholders across South Australia, in August 2019 we completed development of an initial prototype of a customised South Australian institutional racism measuring and monitoring tool.

Download a copy of the initial tool prototype (PDF, 759 Kb).

Phase 2: stakeholder validation

During July 2020, a two-stage 'Delphi'-style consultation and validation exercise took place with a targeted cohort of stakeholders. The customised South Australian institutional racism monitoring and reporting tool is currently being updated and refined in response to the feedback received.

Phase 3: measurement and reporting

 Expected approximately September 2020

Following stakeholder validation, the institutional racism measurement tool has been applied to assess all ten of South Australia's Local Health Networks for evidence of institutional racism. Findings will be available on this webpage. Come back soon to find out more.