Measuring and reporting on institutional racism

Institutional racism in South Australia’s Local Health Networks

On this page: download the report of the first audit of evidence of institutional racism in South Australia’s ten Local Health Networks.

Caution is advised in interpreting the findings of this audit. The term ‘institutional racism’ is a term of art and the audit was designed to review evidence for just that. The audit was not about the existence and implementation of Aboriginal health strategies in the Local Health Networks or of the prevalence of acts of individual or other systemic racism. Rather, it was about the way the state’s Local Health Networks are culturally designed: that is, whether and to what extent there exists the institutionalisation of a system and structure of corporate governance that has the tendency to create discrimination, something that can be the case unintentionally and covertly. Regrettably, the audit found it necessary to conclude that every one of the Health Networks in the state was lacking in this regard. However, the audit does not just call out deficiencies; there are many opportunities identified for improvements to corporate governance that Local Health Networks might readily pursue.

Audit work was conducted on behalf of the Health Performance Council by a team led by Dr Chris Bourke, Adj. Prof Adrian Marrie and Assoc. Prof Henrietta Marrie.


Audit report (September 2020)

Health Performance Council summary report (PDF, 731 kB).

Full audit report (PDF, 3.12 MB)

Full audit report corrigendum no. 1 (PDF, 273 kB) replaces table 17 on page 245 of full report

Prototype development report (November 2019)

The output from the initial measurement tool prototype development work is also available (PDF, 759 kB).

Correspondence log

Date Subject
Response to audit report from the Chair of the Governing Board of Barossa Hills Fleurieu Local Health Network (PDF, 93kB)
Reply to Barossa Hills Fleurieu Local Health Network from the Chair of the Health Performance Council (PDF, 106kB)

The institutional racism measurement tool used for this audit incorporates material from and makes use of an original tool created by Adrian Marrie, Henrietta Marrie and Bukal Consultancy Pty Ltd; used under licence and not to be further reproduced or re-used without their consent. Health Performance Council summary report incorporates material from an original report created for the Health Performance Council and copyright © Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association; used under licence.